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Printing your messages

Outlook Express stores all your messages (Sent, Received, Deleted) on the Hard Drive. To print a message on a paper, select it and press CTRL P
or click File>>Print. You can even print a section of the message, just locate the message and open it (double-click), with your mouse select the section you want to be print and press CTRL P, in the print window check Selection under Print Range.

Print window Whether printing a selection or entire message you can specify the number
of copies to print under Copies.
To make 2 copies of a 5-pages message, check
Collate to print pages
in order: This will print all pages of the first copy then begin with the second,

if collate is off, it will print directly 2 copies of each page.
Collate is very useful if you have a large number of pages, they will
be automatically sorted 1-2-3-4...1-2-3-4-...
Click on
Properties to change settings for the printout, although the settings window is not the same for all printers, find a tab related to resolution and choose a minimum Dot per Inch resolution-DPI (180dpi)
if you're printing just text.
For photos use a higher resolution -dpi (360-720dpi).
Most new printers automatically recognize the file you're printing and change settings. If you're printing lots of messages everyday this can save you lots of ink.

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