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More about sending email

You've seen how simple is sending an email message, even simpler
than sending a letter and going through postal mail.
Email is fast, immediate and free.
Perhaps you've noticed -while composing a message-
Bcc and Cc buttons and wondered about them. To send an email message you need to type an email address next to To.
Cc and Bcc have similar functions, even more interesting.
Cc (Carbon Copy) allows you to send copies of the same message to multiple email addresses.
Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) allows you to send messages to people without including others email addresses in the message header.
With To and Cc all email addresses appear in the header of the message you send.
If you frequently send messages to lots of people, use Bcc instead
of Cc and no one will be able to know to whom you're sending the message.

: you can easily add an email by clicking on Add email address
(besides To, Cc, Bcc)

In a previous lesson we've talked about the Draft folder.
If you are composing a long email message, click
and a copy of your message is immediately saved in Draft folder.
That way you will never lose your messages if something bad happens. Press on Draft folder, open the message and continue from where you left.
You can also save messages to any location on your computer.
Select a message from a folder (e.g Inbox), double-click to open it
and click
File>>Save As.. specify a location and press Save.
When saving you can choose between three different formats:
Mail format (.eml): The file is saved as .eml , 2-click its icon to launch Outlook Express.
Txt Format (.txt): message is stored as a text file, read with Notepad or any text editor.
Html format (.htm, .html): This format is not available for all messages, it allows to save a message as webpage.

The Mail format requires Outlook Express to open the message.
Txt is the safest, since the message can be viewed using any text editor e.g NotePad
Html messages can be viewed within any browser e.g Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
If you want to exchange messages through floppies use Txt format.
In most of the time you will be using the Address Book to add email addresses as recipients. In case you've typed an email address manually, click Check Names to verify that the address is correct or check if
it's available in address book, if not simply click on
New Contact in the Check Names window to add the new entry to your Address book.

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