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Outlook Express Outlook Express
               First clicks...

Click on any folder (Inbox, Outbox) to view its content at your right.
Inbox now contains 2 welcome messages from the Microsoft team,
the messages are automatically created when you setup the program.

Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Draft are still empty.
Outlook Express graphic window
When Outlook launches, this window is displayed with some fancy graphics. Click on Read Mail to got to Inbox
(it's like clicking directly on Inbox),
Read News let you read newsgroups, we will talk about newsgroups later.
Click Compose a Message to begin writing your first message. The graphic window also features 3 buttons at the top, click on any of those to visit
Microsoft's website and get more info about Outlook Express & other products.

The menubar
(at the top) features a number of icons, Click Compose Message to write an email, Click Send and Receive to send your messages and get new ones.
Outlook Express toolbar

Press Address Book to store useful addresses on your computer
so you don't have to memorize anything. It's like the phone book.

You might also find a gray Hang up icon - guess why it's shaded -
Hang up is currently disabled since you're not connected to your
ISP so no need to Hang up.

(check Windows98 tutorial for more info about gray commands and icons)

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