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Changing Outlook Express Default options (1)

To get the most from Outlook Express you might want to change some options: add more icons to the toolbar, eliminate things you don't want to use.
You can easily change the layout of the toolbar from
Under Basic add or remove components from Outlook Express window:
by default
"Tip of the Day" and "Folder list" are checked. Check "Outlook bar" to add a vertical iconbar featuring inbox, outbox, sent items...
Or add the
"Folder bar" to display the folder's name at the top.
Choose the options that suits your needs.
Under Toolbar, change the toolbar's location
(left, right, bottom) and modify its components. By default the toolbar is at the top.
Click on
Customize Toolbar... to add or remove buttons from the bar.
In Customize Toolbar window, select the button you want from
Available buttons and press Add> to add it to Toolbar buttons. Add a Separator - vertical shaded line - to separate icons or group of icons.
I recommend that you add icons like Find, Print, maybe Move/Copy to.
If you use more than one language in your Program you can add a language icon.
When adding icons make sure you don't exceed the space on the toolbar or else some icons will not be visible. To overcome this, make the icons smaller by eliminating text labels: from
View>>Layout simply uncheck "Show text on toolbar buttons", click Apply then press OK to go back. This will free some space for other icons...

To quickly customize the toolbar right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select
Buttons... to open the Customize Toolbar window.
If you want to turn the toolbar to its original state, press
Reset. (Customize Toolbar window)
Under Preview Pane, customize the message window:
uncheck "
Use preview pane" to eliminate it from Outlook Express window and have more space for message listing.
Show the message content (Preview Pane)
Below Messages or Beside Messages uncheck "Show preview pane Header" to remove the message header. The Header identifies the message sender and subject, remove it to display more of your messages in the preview pane window - From, Subject are already listed in the messages window.

Tip: use ? if available in a window to know more about a particular command.

If you have lots of unread messages and wanted to separate them from read messages and examine them one by one, click
View>>Current View and select Unread Messages: all previously read messages will disappear from message window, only unread messages will be available. To return back simply switch to "All Messages".

To change the columns layout (From, Subject, Received), select a folder e.g Inbox and click View>>Columns in Columns window Add> anything you want from Available columns to Displayed columns, use <Remove to eliminate a column and Reset to return to default settings. Press Move Up, Move Down buttons to set the order of column display, finally press OK to finish.
You might want to add a
Size column, to display the size of messages you receive.

You can set different options for Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items...
Just select the folder and click
Remember that all sub-folders follow the main folder in column settings e.g if MyInbox is a sub-folder of Inbox it cannot have a different columns display.
To modify the column width, move your mouse to the edge of the column, click and drag to change its size.

Two other useful columns are: Priority Priority and Attachment Attachment
Priority specifies the message importance, if you consider the email you send urgent, when Composing click
Tools>>Set Priority and choose High, Priority icon appears in your message header indicating a High Priority message. Normal is the default for all messages.
If you receive a High Priority message (!) take it seriously !
This icon Attach under
Attachment column indicates an email attachment.

PS: If you have vision problems, change the character-size for all messages: click View>>Fonts select Largest. (Medium is default)

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