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Compose your first message

Many commands are available as icons and in menus.
Normally the most used commands are displayed as icons for fast access. Click
Compose>>New Message to write your first message,
Press on Compose Message or press
CTRL N for fast access.
It's always recommended to use keyboard shortcuts, they are very handy, you can accomplish many tasks much faster.

New Message window
The Message window (in front of you)
is where you will write your email message. It has menu commands and icons, the message itself is composed of a header and body. The header displays the email address of the sender or recipient, Subject, and maybe Date.

Let us try to send the first message.
Pick up an email you have, if you don't know anyone, just send an email to me. Near To: write down
click on Subject field and write "This is my first email message"

(without quotes).
Now go to message body
(white rectangle below the gray bar) and start writing. Dear teckies.com, I am sending my first message, hope you'll reply.

To send the message you have 2 options either sent it now or send
it later. If you want to compose another message click
File>>Send Later otherwise click on Send
The message is now in your located Outbox, notice a "blue" 1
besides the Outbox folder.
When your ready to send the message, click on Send and Receive

Inside the connection window, type your password and press Connect
If you want Outlook Express to automatically dial you ISP, simply check
Save Password.
You should hear some noise, this is your modem dialing your ISP.
Once connected, a window opens and Outlook Express performs
two tasks: first Sends all messages in Outbox, next checks for new mail. A blue line indicated the send/receive status.
When you're done press Hang up icon, this will close your connection.
Check "
Hang up when Finished" if you want Outlook Express to hang up automatically after Send and Receive.

You will not be able to use your phone line when your modem is busy.
By now I should receive your message, expect a reply !

Go to Send Items, and check a copy of the message you've just sent. If you want to get rid of it just click on the message (at your right) and press Delete on your keyboard.
To definitely delete the message go to Delete Items, select it and press Delete, answer yes to the prompt "
Are you sure you want to permanently Delete these message(s)".

In brief, every time you want to send a message, click Compose Message, or press
CTRL N, type an email address besides To, a Subject and write your email in message body, when you finish click Send
Press Send and Receive to go online and send the message to destination.

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