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Looking around: find text, messages, people

Outlook Express - as stated before - has built in search capabilities, you can easily find people in your Address book also track any message in your folders. Click Edit>>Find Message or press CTRL SHIFT F
If you know the sender (From) or Subject, Outlook Express will find
the message for you. If you remember a word or some text in the message, simply write it down near
Message body and click Find Now
For faster results, you can narrow the search by specifying a folder
Look in If you have an idea about the date, specify it under Received (After, Before) click on the pull down menu. To search all folders for matches simply select Outlook Express from Look in pull down menu.

Find message window
Find Message window displays the results, you can save a copy of the message, Delete, Reply to Author, Forward, sort messages from there, even Compose a new message. Just take a look in File, Edit, View, Compose and you will recognize the commands we've seen so far.
To search inside a message, open the message and press F3, type
a word and press
Find Next, like in NotePad you can also Match Case.

While checking the menus maybe you've noticed the
Next command under View, This one allows you the read messages one by one.
CTRL > to read next message and CTRL < for previous message, press CTRL U or View>>Next>>Next Unread Message and let Outlook Express go through all unread messages.

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