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Keeping Outlook Express in shape

Every single program you install on your computer will make your life easier. In return you should take care of your programs, so they can always serve you.
After using Outlook Express for a while you will notice that the program is getting slower, especially if you receive lots of messages everyday. As we've seen earlier, all messages are stored on your
hard drive, after some time, you need to clean your folders to
restore wasted space.
Imagine having a shelf full of folders, you should every once and
awhile arrange your shelf to make more space for other folders.
To arrange all your folders, simply click
File>>Folder and press
Compact all Folders, this will compact all your folders at once.
Compact Folders
The window above appears with a nice animation marking the compact procedure. After few seconds, you'll be ready to work again, do this often if you send and receive lots of messages every day and you'll notice the difference in performance.

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