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     Sharing Outlook Express

Outlook Express can handle more than one email account. If you're sharing your program with another person even if the email is not
from the same ISP company, Outlook Express can still get your mail.

If you want to run Outlook Express with a second ISP, you should create a dial up connection at Dial up Networking (My Computer), go back to Network/Internet tutorial if you don't know how to create a dial up connection.

When you're ready, open Outlook Express and click Tools>>Accounts...,
in Internet Accounts window press
Add and select Mail.
The Internet Connection Wizard starts, just follow the instructions: make sure you have the email address, Incoming mail
(POP3 or IMAP)
and Outgoing mail
(SMTP) server settings. You can contact your ISP techsupport for mail account information.
Next, type your username and password, choose a descriptive name for your Internet mail account. Since you have a dial up connection select "
Connect using my phone line"
In the next window check "
Use an existing dial-up connection" and pick the dial up connection you've created earlier for your ISP. If you didn't do it yet, refer to Dial-up for detailed instructions. Click Finish when you're done. Now you are ready to share Outlook Express

If you're still sharing one email address, you can create two accounts to benefit from Inbox Assistant features, but remember to name your account differently. At Inbox Assistant window, select your Account from the
Account pull-down menu.

Every time you click Send and Receive, Outlook Express checks all email accounts. If you don't want to check all accounts at once, simply press Tools>>Send and Receive then choose the account name. If the email accounts are from different ISPs Outlook Express will warn you
Hang-up current connection and dial the other simply press Ok
There no limit for the number of accounts you can create, always make sure you specify the correct settings
(POP3, SMTP, Username, Password). Every user will benefit from Outlook Express' features and will feel like running his own version of the program.

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