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Do you share your mail program with someone, do you receive mail through one account and email address. Sometimes messages are mixed and you spend hours sorting and moving them to your own folder.
Inbox Assistant
Let Outlook Express give you a hand with Inbox Assistant through Inbox Rules.
You can access Inbox Assistant from
Tools menu. By enabling this feature, your messages will be automatically moved to the folder you specify as they are received.
No need to worry about losing a message because you're sharing Outlook Express with someone.

In Inbox Assistant window press Add, in the Properties window tell the assistant what to do with received messages when a message arrives with the following criteria:
You can track a message from the sender (From). If you're sharing one email address and have friends in common, you should create two email accounts with same settings but named differently.
We will see how in the next few lines.
For now we'll consider that 2 persons are sharing the program each
has his own email.

Next to
To: type your email address or pick it up from address book.
Under "
Perform the following action", check Move To, press Folder.. and
locate your folder (to move your messages to your own folder),

Inbox Assistant has many other useful features, it can help you get
rid of huge messages you spend almost an hour retrieving them
Under "When a message arrives...", check Larger than and type a size limit in KB e.g 100 . Under "Perform the following action" check "Delete off server", check "All messages" at the top of window, if you want to delete all messages that exceed the quota you specified.

You can also set Inbox Assistant to send you a copy of the messages to your office or to other email address. Check
Forward to: under "Perform the following action" and type your other address, when you finish click OK. Now, press Apply To... and select Inbox, then press Ok.
To disable an
Inbox Rule, simply go to Inbox Assistant, select the rule and press Remove. You can temporarily disable a rule by unchecking. To make any changes select the rule and press Properties.

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