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Windows98 Windows98
Useful programs inside Windows98

Windows Tutorial is getting more and more interesting.
We now take a look at Windows Applications: programs like NotePad, Paint, WordPad are shipped with Windows and installed on your computer during setup.

We will learn how to take advantage of each program.
Windows has many useful applications. Although you will not get a hot Graphic application or the best word processor, you can still manage with Windows tools: write, draw, watch videos and listen to music on your PC.
Windows98 is much more interesting that its predecessors.
Windows98 comes shipped with Internet Explorer 4 (IE4) which is adopted around the globe as the best program for Internet surfing and exploration, Outlook Express a program for sending emails, FrontPage Express to build a homepage on the Internet and lots of tools you can add right from the CD.
The Windows CD is full of utilities and applications, we will review
some in Customizing Windows 98 and see how to install them on your computer.

To compose reports and write text, Windows offers two editors or Word Processors: NotePad is a basic editor, where you can type some text, insert a date.
WordPad is more interesting, allows you insert pictures in your documents, use colors when you're composing your text, WordPad is more professional than NotePad and has lots of useful features.
Both programs can be accessed from
just click on the shortcut (you know what a shortcut is) and the application is instantly launched. Other useful utilities are the Calculator, Phone Dialer, CD Player, Imaging - used to scan images into your computer using a device called Scanner - The scanner is similar to the photocopier, it translates images into the computer,
you can easily add any image to your documents. If you're going to work with images a lot, you should have a scanner.

After reading Windows Applications you will see how easily you can draw images, record your own music and write your own reports.
In Maintaining your Computer, we will talk about useful programs called utilities that let you take care of your computer.

Windows also includes Games such as MineSweeper, Solitaire, Hearts, FreeCell. The games are located at Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>Games  

Now we will talk about each application in details.

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