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Windows98 Windows98
Brief intro to My Computer

My Computer is the most important Desktop item.
This is where everything lies: your hard drive, floppy, cd-rom, computer's main control (Control Panel). All the computer resources can be accessed from My Computer - it's the gateway to your computer.

My Computer

To access My Computer, double-click on its icon.

My computer contains:
-Hard Drive(s) (c:)
-3.5 Floppy (a:)
-the CD-Rom
-Printers (includes your Printer icon)
-Control Panel (computer's operation room....)
-Dial-up Networking (used especially for Internet Connection)
-Scheduled Tasks (give your computer jobs to perform when you're out)

My Computer window looks just like any window you open, you can minimize with Minimize, maximize with Maximize and close by clicking on Close

Remember when I mentioned something about commands that turn gray. Well, click on
FILE and you'll see that RENAME and DELETE are gray, in EDIT Cut Copy and Paste are also gray.
In My Computer you are forbidden to Delete, Copy, Rename anything, try to press delete and nothing will happen.
The items in My Computer window are so crucial that you could not live without them.
If you remove the hard drive where would you store your files.
Since My Computer items are related to your system they should remain intact.

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