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Windows98 Windows98
Exploring Files and Folders

As mentioned before the place where My Computer, My Document
sit is called the Desktop, this is where you can place your papers, photos, stuff you want to examine. It's always recommended that you organize your Desktop and not spread stuff all around, things might come messy.
To use Windows, you need to know few things. During all your relationship with Windows, you will be dealing with
FolderYou can easily recognize a folder from its Yellow-orange color. it appears exactly as the folder you put your papers in. File types
The "icons" above represent different types of FILES found on your computer.

always lie in FOLDERS, if you're an ex-DOS user, FOLDER means Directory, a FOLDER is just more elegant "you can see it"
After installing Windows on your computer, a folder called Windows is created, inside which you have tons of Files with different looks.

Each type of file is designated by an icon, the icon is the file logo.
The Folder image is an icon, My Computer is also an icon.
Icons are a cool way of identifying files. Here are icons you will definitely see...
Popular Filesfig.1

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