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Windows98 Windows98
Introduction to Desktop

Now that you've learned about installing Windows, we'll explore the Desktop and play with Folders and Files.
Windows is very user friendly, you'll always feel comfortable with your computer, no more typing strange commands on a black screen.
The computer is now colorful, friendly and accessible to everyone.

If you're new to Windows, you will find this very interesting.
When you turn on your computer, the screen first displays info
about your Hardware e.g Computer type: Pentium 233, RAM 32MB
Few seconds later, Windows takes control, the Windows logo flashes your screen with the cloudy sky.
Back in Windows95 you could see "Windows95 Starting" before the logo appears Microsoft eliminated the starting phase to speed up things a little bit.

Short Description
Windows will load in about 20 sec depending on your Computer.
The first thing that always appears after loading is called the
DESKTOP, you will be asked to type your password to enter Windows
(it's the password you typed the first time Windows was launched).

The Desktop is where you might place useful things always accessible to you, and like in real life you should always organize your desktop - someone might turn on your computer one day...

On your Desktop you will see the following:
-My Computer
-My Documents
-Recycle Bin
-Internet Explorer/ Connection Wizard
-Network Neighborhood
-Online Services

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