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Windows98 Windows98
   Getting your copy

Today most of the computers come shipped with Windows, but sometimes you need to purchase a copy and install it yourself on
your system.
Don't forget to ask for your Windows CD, you paid for it...
If you're running an old version of Windows like Windows 3.1,
or even Windows95 you need to upgrade to Windows98.
Before ordering your Windows CD, you should decide which version
you want to install.

You have two flavors of Windows:
- full release: If you just purchased an "empty" computer
- upgrade version: If you're running Win 3.1 and want to move to Windows98
When you already have a previous version of Windows, don't buy the full release, get the upgrade and save money.

Windows comes in many languages, in China they use Chinese Windows - don't wanna install this one on your computer !!
You even have a French, Arabic version...
The most famous of all is the English version.
In Arab countries like Dubai and Lebanon some companies might use
an Arabic version of Windows. You can install the LOCAL version which turns all your menus into arabic or the ENABLED version that supports the arabic language so you will be able to read arabic text but navigate with English buttons and menus.

Make sure you decide what do you need before ordering.
If you're currently running Windows98, you can purchase the Second Edition which has many new features like Internet sharing.
You can upgrade for $ 20 (check your local reseller)
You might also consider Windows2000, the latest on the market.

Keep your Windows CD in a safe place, you might need it...
In the next pages we'll learn how to install and upgrade to Windows98.

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