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VivoActive Player 2.1: Play Vivo movies on the net Download 787K
VivoActive Player is a plugin available for both Netscape and Microsoft browsers. The plugin allows you to view streaming movies over the Internet with high quality sound and image.
Visit to test your plugin for the first time...

VivoOffline: Play Vivo movies offline on your desktop Download 1.9MB
If you liked vivo movies why not download another freeware tool. VivoOffline allows you to play vivo movies on your desktop without launching your browser. The program has a cool interface, elapsed time indicator and much more. Now you can save your favorite vivo movies and play them whenever you want. Make sure you download VivoActive Player first to run this program.

Edit audio/video with DDClip Download 2MB
DDClip is a free audio/video editor that allows you to mix audio and edit video in real-time. The program supports both mono and stereo audio and has lots of exciting features.

Analogic: free Synthesizer Download 146K
If you love sound effects, grab Analogic, a free DOS synthesizer that enables you to create cool sound effects in real-time and save the final clip as wav file. The program is quite easy to use and won't take much size on your computer.

QuickMix: Save your audio settings... Download 262K
If you're tired of setting your audio controls, QuickMix will help you store all settings related to your audio mixer, no need to worry about losing controls...

SJGPlay: Play all kind of audio and media files Download 106K
Are you searching for the perfect audio/media player, do you want to use one single program to play all your audio/media files. SJGPlay can do it for you. This compact program supports most audio/media formats (.wav .mid .mov .avi .mp1 .mp2 .mp3). You can use it to add lyrics to audio CD tracks and even extract lyrics from .kar files (Karaoke MIDI)
The program requires
Visual Basic 4 runtime to run on your system.

FastPlayer: Create MP3 Playlists Download 116K
FastPlayer is a free utility that searches your computer for mp3 files and displays them in a tree. Pick the files you want to generate a playlist for your favorite mp3 player.

MusicMatch JukeBox 5 Download 7.3MB
If you're an MP3 fan, I guess you'd want to download MusicMatch JukeBox. The latest version (5) allows you to record MP3 at 320kbps which is the highest bitrate you can get, of course the best quality.
For those of you who don't know anything about MusicMatch, this piece of software combines a CD Ripper, MP3 Encoder and Player in one single package and lets you organize your clips and build playlists of your favorite songs, plus in the latest version you can burn a CD-R and print CD cover with just few clicks.

Spinner Plus kicks radio's butt Download 1.4MB
If you want to enjoy music online, download Spinner Plus and you will never listen to the Radio again.

Abe's MP3 Finder v4 Download 1.3MB
Find mp3 music on the internet with this cool program.
Abe's MP3 Finder is better than using search engines because it eliminates broken links from query results, you will only get the links that work and not waste your time... The new version has a built-in Chat client.
CDmax v1.7 Listen to your CDs Download 672K
CDmax is an audio Cd player that reads normal CD tracks. The program has a cool built-in Playlist plus database features that enables you to store info about tracks like artist and other info related to the song.
NAD MP3 Player Download 120K
Download this cool MP3 Player, High quality sounds and exciting experience...


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