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ContactBook Download 840K
Let ContactBook manage your contacts, phone numbers, emails, web addresses. All you have to do is enter the information. ContactBook has even built-in search capabilities that allows you to find anyone with ease, plus you can import/export data and sort your entries...

Albumatic Download 1.87MB
If you're searching for a way to post thumbnail images to the web, Albumatic can give you a hand. This free utility will automatically generate an html page and list all images as thumbnail. If your site features a collection of photos, Albumatic is the right tool for you.

DunTray Download 76K
DunTray allows you to dial your ISP from the system tray. Instead of using the Desktop shortcut just double-click on the tray icon to logon to your ISP. DunTray can automatically redial if line is busy.
The free utility can also optimize your connection by modifying registry settings...
ProScroll Download 8K
ProScoll is a free java applet that allows you to scroll text inside a web page. The applet can load text, image from any URL and even link it to another webpage on the internet...The applet is fully documented, easy to use, fast and compact (7K)...

Pinger Download 185K
Many ISPs disconnect their users if they detect an idle connection. Ping is a free utility that uses ping.exe located inside your Windows folder to keep your connection alive and therefore avoid getting disconnect during downloads... Requires Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime

AnalogX Pow Download 220K
The most frustrating thing about the web is those annoying pop-up
windows that bother everyone. If you really want to eliminate the
frustration you'd better download AnalogX Pow a free utility that sits
in the system tray and closes the pesky advertisement windows.
The program is quite easy to use and fully configurable, you can
Add/Delete Popup windows by right-clicking over the program's icon.



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