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Nconvert 2.71 Download 486K
Nconvert 2.71 is a freeware Dos utility that allows you to manipulate images and convert files to a specific format. You can switch from one format to another quite easily with just few commands.

FilterFX Lite  Download 1.6MB
FilterFX Lite is an image processing application that adds interesting effects to your images, 16 original filters allows to enhance your photographs and add artistic effects to your scanned images or photos.

ImageForge (Basic Edition) Download 2.9MB
ImageForge is paint and image editor that includes the most useful tools such as brushes, gradients, effect filters and much more. The program allows you to build you own standalone (exe) library, create AVI animation and add WAV, MP3 to your slideshows.
ImageForge is TWAIN compliant, thus you can use it to process scanned photos.

IrfanView Download 447.5K
IrfanView is a fast, simple and compact image viewer/editor that supports major graphic formats such as: GIF, JPEG/JPG, BMP, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, TGA, WMF, EPS, ICO, PSD, AVI... Plus it can play major sound formats such as WAV, AIF, AU, SND. Download plugins to play MP3 and RealAudio.
IrfanView is TWAIN compliant, you can use it to scan photos.
A special feature allows you to extract frames from a movie,
just make sure you have enough disk space for the extraction.
The freebie has many useful and interesting effects: 3D button, Explosion and Blur to spice up your graphics.



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