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AAcrypt v2.2 Download 44K
If you want to secure your files, download AAcrypt a command-line encryption program that allows you to encrypt/decrypt your files with a simple command. You will be prompted for a password and hint question before proceeding. The program is quite compact and runs from MS-Dos Prompt.

Cryptnotes v3.02 Download 552K
Encrypt any text message with Cryptnotes. Copy the message you want to scramble, Paste it inside the program and select Encrypt, it's that simple. After encrypting the message, the program creates a new file and places a shortcut on the Desktop.
Desk Secure v1.0 Download 1.5MB
Protect your Desktop with this free utility. Desk Secure will protect your Desktop white you're away. It will disable any access to the computer, disables CTRL ALT DEL even hide your Desktop. A Password box locks the mouse cursor until the correct password is entered.

Desktop Enforcer v1.5 Download 31.4K
Lock your Desktop while you're away. Desktop Enforcer is another security program that password protect your Desktop denying access to other users. The program will lock CTRL-ALT-DEL, and ALT-Tab. You can set it to load with Windows at startup to add more security to your system.

E-King Download 103K
E-King gives you more privacy and security with its strong encryption capabilities. The program can encrypt any text file so no one except yourself can gain access. Using a password up to 256 chars. E-King makes your text-files really secure...

PGP Freeware Download 5.9MB
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is no doubt one of the strongest encryption programs available on the Internet. The program allows you to safely communicate with anyone without worrying about your privacy. Even if your message is intercepted, no one can read it because it's highly encrypted. The program can also secure your files of the computer, creating a virtual disk and encrypting your files.
PGP integrates with most popular email programs such as Outlook Express and Eudora so you can easily encrypt your message.

Shhh Download 62K
If you're looking for a way to restrict access to your Control Panel, Shhh can do it for you.
Don't expect too much this simple utility doesn't do anything fancy, it will simply use batch commands and move your Control Panel files (.cpl) to another folder. Two desktop Shortcuts allow you to remove/restore the Control Panel icons...



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