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Aladdin Expander v2.0.0.48 Download 1.3MB
Aladdin Expander is an easy to use archive utility that supports the most popular compression formats e.g zip, arj, gzip, BinHex... Aladdin Expander is quite fast, you can use the drag and drop feature and browse compressed files. This free utility can run in the background, monitor a folder of your choice and automatically expand compressed files.

LH7 v0.2 Download 92K
If you're looking for a command line compression/decompression utility, LH7 is what you need.
This simple DOS program can do a lot for you: test your compressed files, copy files from one archive to another maintaining file attributes and directory structure, this means that if your original file was read-only LH7 will keep it that way...
LH7 is not compatible with other compression formats, so you will need it to compress/decompress your files.

NewZip v1.3b4 Download 477K
NewZip is an archive utility that does more than just compression, it can protect your archives with a password, so no one will get access to your private files. NewZip integrates with Explorer and with just few clicks you can compress/decompress any file. One drawback is that you will not be able to see the files inside the archive before extraction...

Paquet Builder v1.02 Download 821K
If you're a programmer Paquet Builder is what you need to pack your files. With just few clicks you can create self-extracting archives (no need to install Paquet Builder to decompress files).
This free utility allows you to password protect your files and set an extraction folder even choose the file to run after extraction. With Paquet Builder you can create a decent setup program with a custom message box. The interface adds nearly 85K to the archive size...

The_Extractor v1.0 Download 71K
Maybe you've run into compressed files with _ at the end such as win.dl_
The_Extractor will decompress this type of files called Lempel-Ziv compressed files. All you have to do is select the file and choose a destination. The utility runs under Windows 95 and it's quite compact about 70K.

UFA v0.04 Beta 1 Download 66K
This free utility offers an alternative to conventional compression formats. UFA is a command-line archive utility (32-bit) that supports long files names, Win32 file attributes (last accessed...) and offers different levels of encryption plus high and fast compression.

WebOverdrive Freeware v2.0b Download 628K
WebOverdrive is yet a different type of compression programs: it will compress your html files improving the loading speed of your website. Most Html editors will add junk to your html files such as spaces unnecessary comments. WebOverdrive can eliminate the waste of data making the html files smaller thus improving the loading speed. The program has a preview to give an idea about size reduction before proceeding, it will even backup your html files.  


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