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The Internet is crowded with MP3 sites which makes it almost impossible and difficult to decide which one is better. It is always recommended that you stick with popular and known sites.
Here's a list of the most popular MP3 websites:

  • MP3.COM At you will find everything you need about MP3 music, select your genre and start listening to clips with your favorite mp3 player, you can also store your mp3 clips online at

  • very popular mp3 website, allows you to share mp3 clips with other users on the Internet using the napster browser.

  • DailyMP3.COM This site offers daily updated MP3 links and news.

  • music downloads, MP3 news, independent artist's songs of all genres, hardware information, search engine, and more...

  • MP123 matches up people interested in exchanging MP3 files in a legal manner.

  • gives consumers a way to acquire, store, and manage MP3 and other digital music files online.

  • Pure MP3 A large collection of pure MP3 clips, includes links to many other websites plus software.

  • MP3 Linx The site has basically a collection of useful MP3 links.

  • MP3 Archive a very useful MP3 website with tons of popular songs: (Eminem) Guilty Conscience - (Garbage) When I Grow Up -
    (Jennifer Lopez) If You Had My Love.

  • MP3 NetSeek One of the most interesting MP3 websites of all,
    here you will be able to download the most popular clips:
    (Madonna) American Pie - ('N Sync) Bye Bye Bye - (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Otherside - (Melanie C) Never Be The Same Again -
    (No Doubt) Ex-Girlfriend.
    The site is always fresh so you'd better stick with it.

  • MP3 Box Large collection of free legal mp3 clips, plus many other tools like CD grabbers, encoders/decoders

  • Here's more links to visit:

  • MP3 Raid
  • MP3 TD
  • MP4Music
  • MP3 Illusion
  • MP3.COM Argentina
  • Free MP3 Files
  • Top MP3 Music
  • MP3 Songs
  • Free MP3
  • MP3 Music 4 Free
  • Free MP3s
  • Musicdd

  • Valuable MP3 portals.

  • Vitaminic

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