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Guide to MP3 Guide to MP3
How to Play MP3 clips ?

You don't have to buy any special hardware to play MP3 clips,
you'll simply need to install an MP3 player. There are tons of MP3 players available on the Internet most of them are free of charge.

Windows98 SP1 already supports MP3 format, the latest Media Player can also play MP3 clips without any add-on. Mac users can use QuickTime 4 to play MP3 clips.

Winamp MP3 Player The most interesting of all is WinAmp, the program is now completely free of charge and has many useful features such as cool visual and sound effects. WinAmp is quite easy to use and is the most popular MP3 player. You can download your copy from WinAmp website.

Most players are very easy to use, you will find most information on the author's website. For a list of MP3 player go to MP3 tools page.

After you grab the player you will need some MP3 clips to play.

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