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Play MP3 on the street

Once you create your collection CD and decide to play it on your CD player you will be surprised that it won't work !
Don't worry your CD is just fine, but in order to play MP3 clips off the computer you will need a special CD Player that supports MP3.
The good news is that many companies such as LG and Philips are shipping portable MP3 players but they're still a bit expensive.

Many portable players allow you to download music from your PC over a parallel or USB cable, clips are stored in flash memory or on removable SmartMedia memory cards which are compact storage discs for digital devices.
One interesting MP3 player is Diamond's Rio 500 - cost about $300 - has a removable memory capacity of 96MB, make sure you visit Rioport for additional information.
As prices go down anyone will be able to play MP3 on the street.
Here's some of the most popular Portable MP3 Players on the market:

  • MiniDisc Netlink
  • MP3 Cyberman
  • Diamond Multimedia Rio 500
  • Nomad 64

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