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Basic Guide to DOS Basic Guide to DOS
                Brief Introduction

The tutorial is a reference to DOS shell commands and most useful external commands. It also features a little bit of batch programming
to automate most common tasks.
The tutorial doesn't require any previous knowledge of DOS

DOS - Disk Operating System - is an old operating system prior to Windows that manages everything on your computer: hardware, memory, files...
Many people consider DOS ancient history, with the presence of graphic driven operating systems (GUI - Graphic User Interface)
such as Windows, MacOS, I bet no one is running DOS as an
operating system.
However, the black box becomes useful when you're stuck with Windows, so it's sometimes necessary to know the basics of DOS.
Even during the reign of Windows, DOS is still involved in many tasks.
Another reason why you should learn DOS is to overwhelm your friends
with a bunch of cryptic commands just like in the movies !

DOS isn't that complicated, all you need to know is few commands
to list your files, copy, delete, rename, and other stuff...

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Basic Guide to DOS