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Send a webpage or link by email

When you're surfing any website you can send the site's address (URL)
or even a copy of the page to a friend by email.
Press File>>Send then choose Page By Email or Link By Email.
Remember that sending the page doesn't include images and other items
on that page, only text is sent.

Turn off cookies warning while surfing

If you don't care about getting cookies although you should, you can accept
all cookies and never get a security warning, wait for the security window to
pop-up, press "i" on your keyboard then press <enter>

Access BIOS settings

BIOS or Basic Input Output System is a software installed on your motherboard
that controls all your hardware. Don't get into the BIOS if you don't know what you're doing. Every BIOS has its own access key, if you have an AMI motherboard, press Delete when the computer starts (before accessing Windows).
Here's a list of well know keys:
Award: Delete | Phoenix: F2 | Acer: CTRL+ALT+ESC
Always make sure you look for the access key inside your motherboard manual.




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