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Dial your ISP with your keyboard

In a previous tip, we've seen how HotKeys let you launch your favorite
applications by using a keyboard shortcut. So Why not use a hotkey to
dial your ISP instead of double-clicking the dialup icon on your Desktop.
First you will need to have a shortcut to your dialup connection on the desktop,
right-click the Shortcut and select Properties click inside "Shortcut key:" field and
press a key on your keyboard to get the key combination CTRL + ALT + key, press
Apply then Ok to go back.

Useful navigation dots

DOS users might remember the dots, where "." stands for the current directory
and ".." stands for parent directory.
Windows users can still use the dots to navigate along the directory structure.
For instance if your reading an html document located at
c:\myfolder\doc.html you can jump to "myfolder" by typing "." at Run box
(without the quotes) ".." will send you to parent directory which is drive C in this case (C:\ ).

Organize the Start menu

The Start menu is crowding with shortcuts and you want to organize things.
No problem... Right-click on Start button and select "Open", now you can do whatever you want: copy, rename, del...
If you're running Windows98 or IE4 on Windows95 you can organize the menus without opening the Start Menu folder, simply right-click on the shortcut and
Copy, Cut, Del....




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