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Protect your Computer from Viruses 2/3
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The best we can do to face Viruses: Buy an Anti-Virus
Norton Anti-Virus and Mcafee Virus Scan may be the best on the market and you can get them for less than $100,
it's a good investment if you think about how much valuable information you might lose in case you're hit by
a Virus. Even some companies give you a FREE Virus Utility with every Computer purchase.
Buying an Anti-Virus is not enough, every day new viruses are born, and you should update your software regularly to detect them.
If your program says: No Viruses were Found don't be so sure, first check to see if you have recently updated your Anti-Virus, if not, download the most recent update and scan again, you may be surprised to find a virus lurking on your Hard Drive.
Viruses are getting even nastier and smarter, Viruses can now trick your Anti-Virus: using its Stealth capabilities, sometimes the Virus can get a away.
Many Viruses are triggered at a certain date: CIH was set to activate on April 26th.
Viruses have variants or clones: a Virus can be altered by
a programmer to be more destructive and bypass any detection software. Don't count on your Anti-Virus, sometimes even after detection, it's too late.