The Printer
The Printer

The PRINTER is an important device, although it's no part of the computer system, it can help you print what's on your screen, to have something between your hands.
Printers come in different shapes and models:

You have LASER printers, INKJET and DOT-MATRIX printers....
Each one is different from the other either by mechanism or printing quality.
It's known that LASER Printers offer the best quality, high resolution and great speed compared to other printers.
You can print a real picture using a LASER printer, the reason why you cannot find a LASER printer in every home, is the cost, if you wanna buy a Color LASER printer, a really good one you should invest more than $1000

INKJET printers follow LASER printers, you can purchase a good printer under $500, some printers allows you to print near laser quality about 1440dpi.
The most famous Printers are EPSON and HP.